13 July, 2009


There are a couple of things I don't do well. (Yes, I am admitting this right here and now). The first is exercise.

I am full of excuses as to why my body is not tone, slimmer and more fit. I eat the right foods, I know the correct way to exercise and I even have the proper attire. The kicker is... I don't like it!

I never really had to work at staying the same size so there was never a need for a fitness regime. I also didn't grow up with parents or other relatives that were fit. My mom's side is well "robust" and my dad's side was always fairly thin with the occasional diet thrown in. There were no runners, no weight lifters, no aerobics, just living and doing and eating whatever seemed to taste good.

The only physical activity I truly enjoy is swimming. Now there are a couple of hurdles to make this a daily habit. You have to have access to ample water for swimming, you need to have another pair of eyes/ears on the children and the water needs to be at a certain temperature. Now if you don't have free access to water, then there is the cost factor of joining a pool/facility.

This summer, I have access to a pool which is large enough to warrant lap swimming. I have done a decent job swimming laps at least 4x week. So maybe I can start a routine...assuming I still have access to a decent body of water to exercise in.

The second challenge is spending.

I tend to shop here and there. I tend to go out to eat here and there. All the while I know we really don't have the extra funds for any of the spending. But somehow, we are squeezing by using up our little cushion, we had built up.

Tonight I sat down with the checkbook. I was going through all the transactions and saw the entries... $28m $29, $44, $32, $18, $14 etc. Kinda small, and some of those actually fed a family of 4, which one might be proud of! But in the end, when it occurs more than once a month, it starts to add up and affect the overall budget.

The thought that ran through my head... "I have to employ more discipline"! Yes, folks I don't have discipline in any area. I live my life according to what makes sense and feels right. For the most part, I have a great balance and my lifestyle is easy to follow. But for those areas I struggle with...this is were the discipline needs to happen.

What areas of your life need some discipline???

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