05 July, 2009

On Turning 7

This weekend was my oldest son's birthday. He turned 7 this year and boy he came in with a bang! Not certain if the growing pains affected his behavior, but he was a bear for sure. I explained that when you turn 7, you are no longer allowed to behave in such terms again. (Strategy is half working....)

As with most holidays and special family days, mystikman had to work, so we will do the birthday meal, cake and opening of presents tomorrow when the family can be together. However, L was able to see his birthday crown and we brought homemade cookies to the pool for everyone to celebrate. L was happy and seemed to have a good day.

With all the consumerist behaviors found in our country, I saddens me that so many children grow up expecting lavish birthday parties where there are a ton of children brought together for some made up party, gifting something their parents bought and then leaving with some plastic trinkets as a favor for their attendance. I am lucky in terms of having a summer baby, so I am not bombarded with this pressure. Now that I homeschool the boys, I feel equally blessed to remove myself from the rat race of out doing the other party etc.

I grew up in a family that celebrated our birthdays simply... you were able to eat a favorite meal, you choose your birthday cake flavor and you got together with family for the exchange of presents. Granted I came from a large extended family, but there was simplicity in this approach that I find refreshing. My children don't need to have the family party, the friend party, the school party... it is just too much! Acknowledgment for the day is good, but going overboard pushes the limits and certainly my buttons.

So when we passed out 80 handmade cookies to those at the pool and sang the traditional song, that was enough. L was happy, felt special enough and we then proceeded with our day. (L is the one with the swim cap on in the middle. Box of cookies in front. We didn't even need a candle, it was festive enough)!

Tomorrow he wants to have BBQ chicken and cantaloupe. We certainly will indulge his menu choice and invite a long time family friend to celebrate and that will be it. The 5 of us will dine, eat cake and L will open his presents. He is happy, not wanting for anything more and feels special. Happy Birthday my lovely L!~

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School for Us said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!