29 July, 2009

Week in Review

Okay, here it is the week in review, since I haven't posted in a while.

1 - July 21st celebrated my birthday, ate yummy food at the Ritz Carlton with my family of 4. Mystikman done good! Great Present and treat that was.

2 - Parent's arrived for a couple of days.

3 - Drove to Key Largo on Mary Magdalena's feast Day. Celebrated her at the ocean.

4 - Spent time at the beach with parents and children.

5 - Attended last Summer Reading Program were the boys won another prize, tally is 3 now.

6 - Drove to Atlanta, GA with boys and parents.

7 - Spent a day in Atlanta eating at a favorite joint and spent time with my aunt's family.

8 - Drove to Chippewa Lake, OH and now plan on staying for a couple of weeks at parents' house.

9 - Renewed Driver's License

10 - Ate at favorite Sushi Place

11 - Saw my niece's and they grew like weeds!!!

12 - Watched my boys run around outside with happy glea in "their" yard whenever they wanted to, not when mommy has time to take them to the park. It was spontaneous play, not planned because we live in a highrise.

13 - Working tomorrow at a Farmer's Market for another Aunt.

14 - Enjoying the cool night breezes and sleeping weather.

Well that wraps it up so far....