07 September, 2009


Here are some things that are on my to do list....

1. Upload vacation photos... I know ally, I am behind on that one BIG TIME!

2. Sew Colored Pencil Art Pouch for the boys to use during Eco Academy... already started Eco Academy

3. Lose 20 pounds... started this component using FITDAY but lagging in the exercise department

4. Create our homeschool schedule and prepare the new binders for the year and reading lists and math drill sheets etc.

5. Vacuum/dust house...ugh... I don't enjoy cleaning, but do enjoy a clean house, so I guess I have to buck up and do it!

6. Sew a fun skirt for me... this will have to wait until all other things are out of the way.

7. Organize hand made gifts items for the fall birthdays and winter holidays... started on one item... many, many more to go!

8. Complete growth chart for my V... who has patiently waited now, almost 5 years!

9. Clean out car...should have done this prior to leaving Ohio, but didn't. Still carting around Pennsylvania Cabin pine needles and lost peanut butter pretzels in the car.

10. Enter Quickbooks Data for Client.

11. Enter tax deductions to date for alpaca business.

12. There is more, much more to list.

It is good to have projects, something to look forward to, something to accomplish. But there are times, when the list isn't fun or engaging or when you just want to curl up on the couch with a good book, or quiet TV watching something like how to cook something divine or build something cool and then drift off to sleep. This for me is the perfect cat nap, when I am just relaxing and the TV is quiet enough for me to drift off. I love that!

Time to go and....well what would you do if a list like this was staring at you?

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