19 September, 2009

Natural Defenses

This week I have been arming myself with information. What information? Information regarding vaccines and fighting dis ease naturally. How do we keep our bodies healthy naturally?

It seems you are either pro vaccine or against it. The more I read, the more I know it isn't for our family. I reluctantly vaccinated my boys, albeit, one at a time and not with those 3 in 1 shots. Now, as I see the push for the flu vaccine escalate beyond normal promotions...once again, my inner spirit tells me to heed maternal instinct.

If you are inclined to do your own investigation, here are some resources to get started. There are many more sites but these two will get you thinking.

In any event, I have also come across some basic steps to keep you healthy and boost yoru immune system. I thought to share.

1 Oregano Oil is a great immune booster. It is even touted as one key component to living a very LONG life.

2 Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands, wash hands.

3 Collodial Silver is a good addition to the immune boosting regime.

4 Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands, wash hands.

5 Antibacterial Spray - caution using one with alcohol or other chemical ingredients strips away your bodies natural defenses. Instead use a gentle natural spray like the recipe listed below.

Natural Antibacterial Spray:

The formula which includes equal amounts of: cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus, clove, and rosemary therapeutic grade essential oils. Mix them with jojoba or olive oil as a carrier, and use on hands as a sanitizer. (Note: pure essential oils can be very potent, it’s important to test some on a small patch of skin to check for any adverse reactions.)

6 Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands, wash hands.

Okay so there are some tips. Hopefully they will help keep you and yours safe, healthy and happy for many years to come without having to get stuck by needles needlessly it seems.

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