26 September, 2009


My little guy V turned 5 this past week. He was so excited about his birthday, but who isn't at 5? He had a small celebration with some school friends and this Monday we will have the real party with cake and presents. Mystikman is going to make his favorite food for dinner...mac-n-cheese! He wants a race car cake, so I need to put my thinking cap on in order to make it.

As a family, we watched his birth video. I gave birth to him in a tub at the hospital without ANY pain medications. It was natural all the way. What struck me was how happy V was to see the "baby". Once in a while he would refer to it as himself, but most of the time it was the "baby". I think in watching the video I did a little rebirthing. I was tense and clenching my teeth in parts, remembering what I was going through and knowing I needed to get this baby out! There was a moment when my midwife was yelling at me and I clearly remember that!

All in all he is 5, not a baby anymore. But he is my baby and always will be. I remind him of this fact several times a week.

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Ally said...

Happy Birthday dear V! Time flies when you're having fun. Jamie doesn't buy the "always my baby argument either." :)