29 October, 2009


We are preparing for Halloween, Holy Eve, or Samhain.  This is a fun, festive time for our household, as we put out the fall decorations and prepare for the night of tricks and treats. 

Each year we hold an Ancestor Meal to honor those who have passed.  We create a fall meal filled with monsterous delight and say special prayers to our ancestors. 

This year we will celebrate with another family.  This is a first for us, as we have never celebrated with another family on this holiday.  The boys are looking forward to the evening, as I am.  What a treat to share a celebration of meaning and ceremony with like minded people. 

Truly this is the best way to start a new year, as many Wiccans refer to this special holiday. 

Our menu consists of Monster Meatloaf, Maggot Pumpkin Risotto, Shrunken Heads -Brussel Sprouts, Dead Man Finger Asparagus, Day of the Dead Cross Bone Bread, and bowls of tomato bloodshot eyes, Black Eye Ball Olives, Crooked Carrot Fingers and much more! 

The costume for the boys will be the Grim Reaper and a Prince.  I still haven't decided if I will dress up, but most likely I will wear the Horned God Mask as we honor him on this evening along with our Goddess Crone. 

I find this holiday a perfect blend of Old Wiccan Meets Christian Meaning.  It is important to me that the boys share and celebrate in a variety of belief systems, as it adds to their overall understanding of their world.  Why not celebrate the earth and her glory, along with the Saints and Souls?  As long as we learn to respect and celebration in healthy ritual, then all is well in my world.  Happy Halloween to all! 

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kate said...

What I love about festivals-- any celebration that is rich with tradition-- is how it holds family close, it honors the past, and it ties us together in spirit. We're preparing in our house for St. Martinmas day, quite possibly my favorite festival of the year. Hope your Halloween was filled with laughter and light!