09 October, 2009

Homeschool Challenges

Trying to do the best for our children is an uphill journey. In an effort to provide a loving, nurturing atmosphere to engage my boys in the joy of learning...I have seem to found despair, frustration, anger and exhaustion.

This past month, motivating the boys and myself to find that happy learning environment has not happened. Instead, I have been yelling, growling and breaking wooden spoons on the counter. I am not proud of these moments, but I am frustrated because I want the very best for my boys and they don't seem to appreciate all the sacrificing we have done for them.

Not all is lost as we have had about one week of good schooling efforts. But one week out of 5-6? I know all homeschoolers go through this and I also know that this is still better for my boys, then public schooling, but I wish it wasn't this hard.

I know I need to change. I am working on it. Right now I am organizing our space, our schedule and pairing it down to the simplest of things.

I pray it all works, because my throat can't take any more growling!

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