11 November, 2009

Water Water Everywhere...I CRACKED! Part 1

I would have to say moving to Florida, albeit something never dreamed of, has been a blessing.  In many ways, we have grown as a family unit.  The four of us came together in support, love, and togetherness. 

When you are challenged with a move, new job, new city, new friends, new way of schooling, new growing seasons, new foods, new languages, new home, you find your strengths and weaknesses quickly.  We all found new ways of coping and adapting to this new environment and life pattern.  All in all we emerged better for the experiences and continue to find new joys with each day. 

I have even started to realize that life is for living today.  Gone are the days of planning for my life to start.  I get it, my life already started... @#$ many years ago.  There were many talks with family, friends, therapist and self to get my head in the game.  It all came together when I moved onto this "Island Paradise". 

Gratitude and awareness where my daily affirmations.  I was happy, I actually commented that I was happy!  Me the critic, the one who has seen better, tasted better, lived better, etc.   I was happy and content to live here and enjoy the life that is offered here.  I let go of wanting a bathtub, a garage, a pest free yard-(read no red ants here), 3rd bedroom, full dry basement, porch, larger kitchen with storage, my own appliances, trees with leaves that change colors in the fall, FALL, having a Trader Joes close by, being a days car ride from both sides of the family, lower cost of living, ants that don't reside in my car, (which are not proved by food bits, because we don't eat in our car), the ability to open all the windows in the house and have a cross breeze, the ability to have our own free standing home without neglectful people living above, beside or across the hall from you, the ability to line dry my clothing outside, yeah yeah you get the idea here...

Until last monday, Nov 2nd.....

A couple of floors up, one of the units decided to do a bathroom remodel.  They hired approved, trained, contractors with insurance to do a professional job.  V went to use the bathroom, only to find it flooded with water.  Water was rushing out of the AC vent in the ceiling.  Alarmed we grabbed the towels and started to create a dam.  Still needing to use the toilet, he went into the master to step in more standing water.  Okay, both bathrooms, master bedroom, storage closet and clothing closet were taking on water from the ceiling and AC Vents. 

All of our storage was on the floor, Collector Lionel Train Engines, Artwork waiting to be framed, furniture, seasonal items, tools etc.  My shoes were all on the floor along with 3 loads of laundry in need of washing, dry cleaning and laundry detergents etc.  The water ran towards the bed, where we have more storage items hidden underneath.  It soaked into the rug and at this point, I FREAKED!  No renter's insurance!  Call mystikman! 

Luckily he came rushing home to create a process of order and water removal.  After a couple of hours, we were able to get all the water up and out.  We tried to salvage what we could and move items to "dry land". 

Stanley Steamer arrived and started the process of drying out the building.  High powered fans blew on the walls, large hummidifiers where plugged in.  They were plugged into my electrical sockets, using my energy...and this was done at midnight... and these machines were in our bedroom... and they are NOISY!  at least the water stopped and no one was coming into our unit anymore... 1 am, we finally were able to lock the doors and go to sleep. 


kate said...

I would have cracked too! It's funny (or not really) how just when we feel like we're getting on the right track, the right mindsets, etc. life throws in big and little kinks that have us (er, at least me) slumped against a wall in tears. I think the real step of growth has been to be aware that the moment will pass-- to allow the feelings/frustrations/annoyance of it all to just be, and then, to move on without going down a rabbit hole of this is connected to that is connected to that is connected to when am I going to figure life out.... hang in and stay dry:)

Anonymous said...

I hope that after you took care of the immediate water issue, you spoke to the people that dorked up and they'll be paying to replace whatever was damaged?