28 December, 2009

Quick Note

So, here it is, holiday preparations, gifting, meal making, magic, unwrapping is all over and I have nothing posted to share! 

I have pictures to load, just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Suffice to say, all of our holiday plans were very nice, managable and memorable.  The meals were yummy, enjoyed by all, the cookies were just enough to push the specialness over the top, the presents were appreciated, wanted and enjoyed, the family time was plentiful and the laughter abundant.  I should also add here the tears of joy were flowing from me.

I became a sobbing mess as I watched my 3 boys playing trains on the floor together.  It was a scene I didn't want to end. But I know all things do change and that moment would pass.  There are many more joys ahead of me and I pray every night they are joys and not disappointments.  There are enough of those around if you go looking. 

It is pleasning to still hear the Christmas Music on the radio and music on demand.  I am enjoying each song, each wintry holiday scene. 

Until I can get it together, the photos will have to wait! 

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