06 December, 2009

Saint Nicholas Day

Today is the day my grandfather was born many years ago. He was named after St. Nicholas as that was his middle name. Kind of neat for our family to share a special bond with Santa Claus.

Saint Nicholas has paid a visit to our home now for some time. Each year we put out our shoes or boots and hope for something sweet, just a little treat as he passes by.

This year the boys had a very hard time sleeping. They were awake well past 10 pm. Mystikman and I discussed what it would mean if St. Nicholas didn't give them anything, but a letter instead.

This is just what he did! Each boy received a letter reminding them to make good decisions. He also went on to say he has been watching them all year and has been disappointed in their actions, such as not listening, not being kind, not being honest and not picking up after themselves. If they didn't straighten up, Santa Claus would not make a stop on Christmas Eve.

Each boy took it hard. L said in defiance... "I don't want anything anyway". This is his problem in a nut shell. Instead of making the right choice, he chooses to take the hard way, hurting himself in the process. Boy does this bother me to my core, because I know this attitude will be very difficult long term. I try so hard to get this attitude adjusted, because I don't want L to suffer as an adult. But try as I might, it is just his nature and it really, really bothers me.

V was upset and very unhappy. He said he wanted to rip up the letter. Then asked if I was bad as a child. This also true to his nature, he would rather ignore it and get rid of it, then deal with it. Then he wants to know what other people did so he can measure it out to see where he falls, not that he will change his behavior, but he likes to know where everyone stands.

Each of my boys are capable of making great decisions, showing much love, care, concern and gratitude. They are very kind in their hearts and creative when they want to be. I know they are young and have many more years to comprehend what the lessons are, but truly I pray each day to Saint Nicholas that he guide their paths so they may grow into Fine Gentlemen with long, healthy, happy lives.

So please Saint Nicholas, help my boys learn their lesson early on in life, so they may enjoy what is possible when their hearts, heads and souls are aligned!

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