19 December, 2009

Winter Traditions

Tomorrow kicks off our Christmas Eve celebration with Christmas Day to follow on Monday.  Due to mystikman's job, we try to find when he has a 2 day break to celebrate our tradition.  At least this way the children are able to have a full holiday, even if it isn't on the actual day or days. 

This year I am taking the Italian Christmas Feast to the in-laws.  Imagine a full blown Feast of the 7 Fishes, Catholic Celebration in a home full of Jews!  I love it and find comfort in the way each of us embrace each others traditions. The fun doesn't stop there.  Monday the entire gang will come to our home for the Christmas Ravioli meal. 

Now here is the wonderful twist... Christmas Eve, the real one... we will be at the in-laws again, celebrating.... Hanukkah of all things!  Latkes and Brisket with Jelly Donuts!  Mystikman will be at work, but the boys and I will enjoy the Jewish Miracle of Lights.  Christmas Day will be with Turkey and the trimmings.  I will be making my Pumpkin Cheesecake, as I haven't made it all year and really want to have that flavor at least once a year in my mouth!

So a nice little twist on two different religious celebrations.  This is how we do it in this family and I am blessed to have the full support of both sides.  Growing up, I knew my father's family was different from my mother's.  It was hard as the one didn't appreciate the other.  For me, it was imperative the children know both of their cultural heritages and appreciate them equally.  So far we have done fairly well and I am proud of the traditions we have created and upheld 

May each of you be blessed with tradition, magik and love.  Merry Merry, Happy Happy and Blessings to all, for the light is coming! 

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