22 January, 2010


My mother called me last week to inform me that my highschool class is organizing the big 20th reunion.  I am on the short list of those classmates they can't find.  HA!  Then my only contact from highschool also emailed me to say I was one of the "lost" names on their list. 

You know for being "lost", I feel very much found!  My thoughts are I am doing what I need to do for my life and I am very full in terms of living my life the way it needs to be lived.  If I wanted to remain close, I would have done so.  I certainly don't need a reunion to remind me of people that I missed and wanted to be friends with again. 

Maybe some would think I am a bit down on reunions, but truly, I am a person who lives my life with no regrets.  When I make friends I make friends.  I am loyal to my friends as they are loyal to me.  When it is time to part it is time to part and new people come across our path.  Such is life, the entire cycle of renewal.  I accept this and move on each day.

These are my thoughts on reunions and truly we should never let our relationships lapse in need of a reunion.  If the relationship is important, then it is important and it will be maintened through many years, regardless of life experiences and choices. 

I may have graduated a Cloverleaf Colt, but that was a small time in my life which doesn't define me.  My life is very much full of so many experiences before and since highschool graduation. 

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