24 January, 2010

Weekly Rhythms

Read a great post this beautiful morning.  The mommy mentions the parenting focus for the week and that got me thinking....

I like to plan, it is my natural rhythm.  Maybe this penchant for planning was due in part to being any only child for 6 years and having to make my own play.  I really loved this about my childhood; I would plan elaborate housing scenes and play all day long.  It was terrific!  Remember making tents in the house with every spare blanket and then some in the house?  I was the queen of this, truly. 

In any event, planning comes naturally to me and in my 20's it got the better of me, as the expectations set sooo high, were unattainable.  Then there was this big push to live in the moment day to day.  I tried very hard, but had such a hard time doing that.  I felt unable to live by this simple statement of day to day.  What was wrong with me that I couldn't do that??? 

So with these past few months, I have focused on finding the rhythm of our family.  It occurred to me after reading this post, that my natural rhythm is to plan.  However, I like what was said here in terms of a parenting focus for the week.  BINGO!  That was the magic word, week.  I think that letting go of grand plans that may or may not materialize is good, but having smaller attainable plans/goals is good, at least for me.  I am going to apply my natural skill at planning for weekly time chunks.  I think it is truly the way to go for me and it allows me to do what I do well, but not take it so seriously. 

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