28 February, 2010


Woke up and decided to cleanse!  I follow a simple 3 step cleanse, ideally 2 times a year.

First step eat only fruits and veggies.
Second step add grains, nuts and seeds.
Third step add lean proteins.

Choose a time length not to exceed 21 day and divide evenly among the 3 steps, example 5 days, 5 days, 5 days or 3, 3, 3 or 7, 7, 7.  No alcohol, sugar, dairy, caffeine or red meats.  With every meal, drink hot green tea, take acidophilus, and psyllium fiber.  With each tea, put 15 drops of Dandelion Root Extract in. 

You are cleansing the liver, digestive track and helping to ease digestion for a time.  Additionally, to make a bigger impact, it is always a good idea to cleanse other areas of your life. 

I have printed off a letter to my grandparents.  They are part of my childhood abuse and path to healing.  This letter is my way of saying I forgive you.  It is addressed and stamped for delivery.  After years of trying to ignore it... I finally found the words to say I forgive you. 

I also cleaned up my desk area, not as powerful as finally sending a letter of forgiveness though.  But cleansing none the less. 

How will you cleanse and make ready for the coming of spring, rebirth, newness and spiritual awakening???

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Lisa (Mommy Mystic) said...

My first visit here, and I enjoyed browsing through, especially the Spirit tagged posts. Our lives have a lot in common! Although I don't homeschool (for now anyway), but I am open to doing it someday, so always interested in hearing about it.

I hope your cleanse goes well, and that your husband is able to make the changes he needs to make to get healthy again. Namaste-