25 February, 2010

The List of Gratitude

There has been so much going on these past couple of weeks, to really go into depth.  So the "list it will be.

Thankful for:

Like Minded Mommies - that support me, let me talk, share ideas with, gasp in awe, help redirect my children, share their yummy food and lives with!

Mommies and children that I like to be around - Ever have a friend that you like but have a hard time with the child?  Or how about the child you child loves to play with but the mom who just isn't your type?  Well when you find both, that is magic, really magic, hang onto that!

Whole Foods - not the store, the real whole food concept where you take a food in its perfect natural state and get nutrients from.

Internet - information to learn so much new stuff out there I have crammed into my head!

Not working outside of the home - If I was in a job, outside of the home, I would be going crazy, trying to keep up.  I love my husband for wanting me to stay home, raise our children and take care of our lives.  He really wants me to be here, no someone else.  That is a special guy!

Kindness - calling around for a new doctor and finding such kindness on the other end of the phone.  They care... not like first doctor....

Deering Estate - sorry for those who don't know about it, but it is a nature center that we attend an enrichment class at.  We are all students that learn so much and our teacher is a peach to use a Georgian term!  This is the best thing for our children to run, play, learn, create and just be together.

Acupuncture - this is an amazing therapy.  Try it if you haven't, it might agree with you, like it has for mystikman and me.  Our practitioner is the BEST, I mean the BESTEST in the world!  We are so lucky and grateful for her kindness, attention and skill.

Mystikman - I love him so much.  He is pushing on day to day with a great attitude and will power to heal himself.  He is driven to live a healthy long life.  He is my anchor and I truly am a lucky woman.

My 2 boys - who challenge me to be the best person I can be, even when I have a tantrum.  They push me to learn all I am able so they may benefit.

You know I always knew I could handle anything, I never knew that I would be challenged though to test that theory.  I push on, keeping this little family together and making certain we are all nourished from the inside out.  We are a whole family trying to live a whole life!

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