05 February, 2010

Power of Our Thoughts, Prayers and Words....

Today I received some jarring news about mystikman's health.  As the final outcome is manageable and in my opinion curable... I wonder if this was an answer to my prayers/thoughts etc.

I have wanted a more spiritual focus in our family and more participation from mystikman when it came to our family life.  I wanted a yoga partner, knowing the yoga is equally as good for his lower back as it would be for mine.  I wanted more whole foods and menu creation for our family, knowing it was again as equally good for him with his digestive issues as it would be for the boys and me.

Well the preliminary results of his tests show that he will have to make changes if he wants to live a long healthy life.   Otherwise those abnormal cells will start to grow again.  Mystikman is committed now to making serious changes and he is starting to listen to me in what I have been wanting for a while.

Could it be this was an answer to my prayers?  Of course prayers are answered on their terms.  So the way in which a prayer is answered may not be an easy answer and today was not an easy day.  But as I reflect and ponder the power of our words and prayers, it dawned on me... maybe I shouldn't ask for anything while in prayer.  If I don't ask, maybe I will not be given a hard answer?  Truly, my prayers will be focused on the blessings we have in our family and lives.  We are healthy in mind and spirit and we will gain our health in our bodies shortly!  We are financially able to meet our obligations and I really don't need more than I need.  Mystikman has a great job, were he is cared for and respected, he is happy with this company and that is key.  The boys are thrilled to be homeschooled and love their enrichment activities with all of their friends.  I love the fact that I get along and learn from these mommies as we are like minded!  We are together and have tons of love in this home even if I get frustrated from the yelling... and lack of listening...

We are blessed and I am grateful and thankful.  Yes this is what my prayers will be from now on, just in case the Universe has another answer for me that isn't easy peasy!

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Amy said...

Best wishes for the changes ahead and for your family's health.