20 March, 2010



February 4th was the day the nasty, mean, condescending, awful devil doctor told me he removed cancerous cells from my husband and then hung up on me when I asked what we could do to support his healthy naturally as well. 

That day, food was my enemy, along with said doctor.  I was so upset that food ruined my husband and afflicted him.  Everyone I saw that was obvioulsy in poor health, I wondered what their colons looked like... mystikman is thin, looks healthy and usually so easy going.  You never know what lies underneath our exteriors.

I started this battle with food, I would eat.  Then I would have something to just satisfy some nutritional content for the day. We started to eat all raw veggies, whole items, and the little processed foods that I did have in the house were not replenished. 

Then, I just had it, and I started to cleanse.  I usually cleanse twice a year, but it has been a year since my last cleanse, which wasn't so successful.  Prior to the Feb. 4th, I was at my heaviest without a baby in my belly.  I didn't really see how I looked, but I felt it.  I felt squishy and just too much, bloated and icky. 

This morning I put on clothes I haven't been able to snap, zip or close up in 3 years!  I am smaller now then when I moved down here!  It feels terrific and with this new focus on food, I feel more confident that I will be able to maintain my weight. 

We are eliminating sugar, flour, juices, most red meats and most processed foods.  I will be making my own yogurt, flour, and hopefully milk with almonds or hemp.  We are doing more veggies and soft grains.  If we all eat like this, then we should be able to maximize our nutritional content and minimize the weight of empty calories that just hang on making you feel gross and squishy!

Now to get my body stronger... I need to exercise.... that will be another challenge, another day. 

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