21 March, 2010

Hello Sweetie!

My youngest V, was playing the other day with his Lincoln Logs.  He has a set with some ranch people and horses.  I was on the computer maybe even posting here, or catching up on my Reader Page.  But I overheard him say, "Hello Sweetie, what do you want for breakfast?  Okay I will go make pancakes, sweetie". 

I stopped and smiled at his little imitation of what families do and how they interact with each other.  This must be how he thinks we are as a family, because it came out effortlessly. 

This week has been a major test of my desire to not yell and get enraged when the boys are not listening and goofing off.  So to hear my little guy being so "sweet" in his play, it made me think that things aren't as bad as I hear them in my head.  He is happy and very compassionate.

We are doing okay and raising boys that are able to express their emotions and feelings.  This is important to actualize as a human being.  We're doing good mystikman... we're doing good. 

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