11 March, 2010


When you go home, what rules apply?

This weekend, mystikman applied to a job in Cleveland, Ohio.  2 years ago, we moved from Ohio to Florida.  As mystikman hates the snow, one cannot ride a motorcycle in the snow, I was surprised to see his excitement over this opportunity.  Equally surprising was my own attitude of discomfort.  I grew up south of Cleveland, went to college East of Cleveland and lived with mystikman in a close Cleveland Suburb.  I know this town and most of my family is still around the city. 

When we moved here, I came with little regrets.  I moved with mystikman willingly and actually looked forward to the break.  It was an opportunity for us to develop our family in the way we wanted to without any family commitments.  It was freedom to be who we are. 

Living on our Island Paradise, has posed some frustration from time to time, but we have carved out our life nicely here.  I knew this move was temporary and in a couple of years we would be making plans for the next adventure.  I guess I always thought the next adventure would be somewhere new, not a place I had been many times before. 

I am enjoying this freedom from family commitments.  No matter what happens, in the next couple of months, I must remain true to my ideals.  Even if I am only 30 mins, away, it doesn't mean I must engage just because.  I will make my own decisions and allow family time when it is something I choose to do.  I think this will work best for me and how we want to live our lives.

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