18 April, 2010

Advanced Palettes!

Okay the amazing journey continues into the realm of what my boys eat.  I have come across many a parent that claims their child is not a picky eater.  But does that child eat, oysters, sushi rolls, edamame, artichokes, asparagus, smoked salmon, kale, seaweed salad or how about chicken feet? 

In the past 2 days, all of these items were gobbled up by my youngest and my oldest ate it all but the chicken feet.  I don't blame him, it was a little out there for me too! 

You know, my children eat a wider variety of foods than when I was a child or mystikman for that matter.  We have always made the same food for them as we did for us and even though they may not have wanted to try something new, they were always told at least one bite.  Also we have them repeat the try another time, just in case their tastebuds have changed. 

I can say confidently, my children are great eaters and they are not picky of finicky.  I can send them out in the world and it doesn't matter where they land, they will eat.  As parents whose lives revolve around food, we are both very proud to have allowed for this amazing outcome. 

We wish you all better dinners with your children!

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