04 April, 2010


Alleluia!  Today is a glorious day!  The sun is shining, our bellies are full from Easter Brunch and the boys are in heaven with their Nonna and Papa here.  The house smells of Sauce for the Ravioli and Ricotta Cheesecake. 

All in all, we are working through our focus, discipline issues and I am grateful for all of the advice given.  Mystikman and I are working through this.  L is just a very passionate little guy, with a clear vision of what he is about.  I cherish this for the long run, but find it frustrating in the short term.  We are taking this one day at a time and hope for great days every morning we wake. 

With Easter upon us, let's say rebirth, renewal, love and life going forward!  May we all find the newness we need with this wonderfully fresh new season! 

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