25 April, 2010

Homeschool Reflections

In light of the fact we don't know whether or not we are moving, I have been reflecting on this journey called homeschool.  Afterall, one of the valuable lessons I have learned, has been this idea is more than schooling or teaching.  This is a journey into the family you are becoming and the daily interactions of relationship. 

When you choose to homeschool, you are faced with curriculum, rules and regulations as they pertain to your state, supplies, enrichment groups, park days, schedules, house management alongside school time and other logistical considerations.  The parts not so easily understood or mentioned are how your relationships will be challenged or what this will say about the kind of family you are. 

There are so many preparations needed in order to homeschool and with a plethora of choices, it is very hard to decide on what direction you are going to go.  So when you need to find the basics, you tend to forget about the intangible things, like the family bond.  I ceratinly didn't ask myself what kind of family are we?  How do we interact with each other daily?  What are are rules for respect and honor?  How do we treat each other when things are good and when things are sour?  What does our environment say about us?  How does it affect us, our mood, our concentration?  Do we allow for individuality or is there a conformity to be in this little family?  How does our food choice build the necessary blocks for learning?  How do we make choices in our purchases and errands?  Does this trickle down to the children in their percecption of choice and responsiblity?

What is my responsibility as a mother, instructor and what are the boys' responsibilities?  What contributions will they contribute to this family and how will they do so?  Are we open enough to accept new ideas and new ways of doing routine tasks?  ARe we flexible, do we want truth and real change? 

Certainly all of these considerations are thought of along they way, in terms of what we envision and have mostly driven those who homeschool to the homeschool choice.  But how do we actually map these questions out and answer them?  These answers have been availing themselves these past 6 months.  Every answer has shown itself in subtle ways. 

The homeschool journey has taught this family much more than what many would imagine.  I love how it has brought us closer together and made us really see each person for what and who they are.  We are forced to be in each other's space daily.  When we are up and when we are down, we are together and we deal with all the emotions that are present.  We work through it and move forward with greater understanding. 

These are lessons not learned in classrooms, because you are not given enough time to really process or dig deep.  When you are at work and your child is sitting in a classroom, this connection is not present. 

As mystikman is not able to leave his job and be with us, he misses out on this aspect.  But I think he is just so proud to be the one who provides for his family to have this growth opportunity. 

This is not to say this journey is not met with opposition.  It is, from many different sources, external and internal.  This is a path few choose.  We all have to make the choices that best suit our needs and for some it isn't this path.  That is okay.  You will discover your learning journey to be something different and what you needed. 

I just never anticipated my journey to lead me here to be forced to deal with things in this manner and depth I didn't know existed.  This is the reflection today, tomorrow it will change, as this is another aspect I have learned.  No day is the same, no lesson repeated. 

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