01 April, 2010

Last Supper the Start of the 3 Days

Tonight I watched The Passion.  Every Lent, I try to do something that reminds me of the Passion of Christ.  Whether it be listening to a favorite childhood play, walking The Stations of the Cross or watching a movie of Christ's Passion, I want to put my brain, heart and spirit in the moment. 

Watching this movie, I see different aspects, feel certain emotions and realize new truths.  I watched Easa being scourged and witnessed beating.  Why are humans so apt to beat, hit, strike?  Why is it that we have this inside of us, under the surface?  Why is this the way in which we get out our anger, frustration or expression?  Why do we choose another human to receive such action? 

This made an impression on me and I pray that I am forgiven for all that I have done to those around me that weren't honorable.  I need to have Easa's Love in my life and his sacrafice is needed to cleanse my spirit.  I know this.  We all need to find our way, Easa is my way, the truth and the life. 

The start of the 3 days.... May this Easter Resurrection be a cleansing for us all, start anew, start with Love, Compassion, Honesty and Respect. 

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