29 April, 2010


So, we are still waiting for a decision on this potential promotion.  In the meantime, mystikman has applied for a couple of other positions and has some prescreening interviews to follow up on. 

I have been a ball of anxiety, ebbs and flows.  I feel the energy when I feel it and take advantage of that push.  But then, it fades into the distance as soon as it comes on me and I feel stuck.  It is as if I have become energetically paralyzed. 

There are so many things that could fill up my time, but I am choosing to procrastinate and let the pressure build on me.  Of course this isn't healthy, but it is how I am feeling these past 2 weeks.  There seems to be so much swirling around I am not certain how to stop the swirling. 

It seems we need to be pushed in order to produce, at least I feel this way at this moment.  Tryign to push from within, is the hard part for me right now, as I just am overwhelmed with what our life is going to look like.  There are so many new developments but in time they will be revealed. 


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