11 April, 2010

Spending Time with Nonna and Papa

Nonna and Papa are in town visiting.  This would be my parents, we call my mom, nonna, for the Italian Grandma and my dad, papa for an abbreviated Hungarian Grandpa. 

They were able to spend Easter with us, which made L, so happy!  We went to church, ate a wonderful Brunch, rested, and then had an evening meal with some friends.  The following day was at the beach, and we had our Easter Egg Hunt.  Papa looks a little stripped as he put sunscreen in certain parts and not others... obviously!

Tuesday we went to Deering Estate for our weekly science class.  The boys created their own ancient civilizations and then we went exploring for an airboat alligator ride.  We found one and really enjoyed ourselves!  I highly recommend taking an airboat at least once in your life. 

Wednesday all three boys took a fishing trip off of Islamorada.  Nonna and I declined, we are not into fishing for 4 hours out in the ocean.  The boys were very excited as they left the dock.  Upon returning, well their faces told a different story.  It seems half of the boat caught the Pukka Fish... and lost their breakfasts overboard!  Not all was lost, 9 real fish were caught.  I think the lure of fishing has lost some of its attraction. 

Thursday we were on the beach again, trying to even out this striped sunburned skin!  Then we ate our lovely 9 fish in the evening.

Friday was putt putt.  We drove out to find a cute little art fair, walked about, played some putt putt and then found dinner at the Crab House.  Lovely views, food kinda 80's style, could have been better meal.  At least for the money it should have been out of this world!

Saturday we went for a nice stroll, Dim Sum for lunch and then to the Youth Fair.  The boys entered their hand sewing projects in the fair, so we went to see how well they did.  I was told by a parent that most of the entries never place, but you receive free tickets so it is worth the effort.  Upon entering the section, I saw puffed up on the table, L's stuffed bunny.  My heart leaped for joy, because it meant he placed.  Not only did he place, but he received a Blue Ribbon, 1st Place!  Then I scanned the other table to find V's little sewing/needle book.  He also placed 1st for his category.  What a proud parent moment and they were beaming from ear to ear as they stood for their picture. 

We played Elvisopoly in the evening and for all the years I have played with my father, I have never won, at least I don't recall, maybe once?  Well leave it to my boys to do the deed for me!  L won and cleaned Papa out!  V came in second, me third and Papa dead last!  What a coo! 

Sunday, well today we went to church, then took a lazy day to just sit around and do really nothing.  After our full week, it was nice to just be still.  Plus the weather was not so Beachy!  Tomorrow we will see how the sun peaks out and if we can catch some warm rays! 

The boys have completely warmed up to Nonna and Papa and I think will be sad when they leave.  We haven't seen them since last August, so this visit was long overdue! 

Hope your week was enjoyable and memorable! 

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