21 April, 2010


We are waiting for a decision that will change the course of our lives and I am running out of patience!  Mystikman has applied for a promotion in Ohio.  The decision is to be made this week.  As this move posed many feelings and decision about whether or not it was the right choice, we both have come to welcome the opportunity.

It has taken us many dialogues to get to this point, but we are ready for the move, the change and the new way of life.  Well maybe a return to some of the old way, but we really aren't looking at it in those terms.  All changes are opportunities of growth, even if that means returning to a place in our past. 

We would return to Ohio, yes.  But we would be starting a new path.  A new home, a new job, a new location, new network of homeschoolers, new appreciation for the 4 seasons, and new goals.   Some of these goals, include a second car, saving money, taking mini trips to Niagara Falls, the family cabin, New York, Columbus, Cedar Point etc.  We want to just live and experience all aspects so we feel like we took full advantage of our resources. 

My extended family is mostly in the area, but it doesn't necessetate an obligation to mingle.  In fact, there really is no need to treat them or for them to treat me any differently than what we do right now.  Which is about nothing, just to be clear.  I don't want to sound calus, but when you don't share much in common beyond a familiar bloodline is there really a need to mingle?  Better put, is there a need to expose my children to lifestyle choices that are in direct opposition to our values?  Should we encourage a family bond with people that continually make choices that are not ideal, all the while inferring that these choices are okay, because we hang out and act as if everything is hunky dory, in the name of family? 

I am not one to do just because... afterall I have broken many family cycles of bad behaviour and harmful actions.  I choose to live according to my ideals.  This allows me to go to sleep at night with a clear conciouse.  This is necessary for inner peace. 

Living on this Island Paradise has helped me define what it is our family stands for, our nuclear family that is.  We have grown tremendously and learned so many important lessons about our strength.  I am not willing and mystikman is not willing to let any of that go in the name of a bloodline.  No we choose our lives and we choose our circumstances.  We are choosing healthy relationships and choices.  We are choosing for the best possible outcome. 

Until the phone call comes... we wait. 

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