14 May, 2010

Becoming and Reflecting

Becoming the person we see in our head, or being the mirror reflected in our children is a tough challenge.  Most of us see images flash before our eyes in terms of the kind of life we want to live.  These images come from media, books, experiences, travels etc.  But the trick is becoming that person in the here and now.  I am still working on it, but feel as if I am getting closer each and every day.  

Something should also be said about those images and how healthy they are pending their source.  We all need to be comfortable without heavy expectation and influence, right?  

Carrie over at Parenting Passageways had the following posted on her blog:

So here is my question for all of you to meditate on today:  What are the most essential priorities in your life, and does your life reflect your essential priorities?  Could your children pick out your priorities by what you are MODELING for them (not your words, your actions!)  If not, what could you do to change your  life and activities so it matches your values even better?"

What a terrific question to ask!  Essential Priorities... With our upcoming move, we have the opportunity to carve out a new life for this little family.  What an exciting time to move into the people we are and are striving to be. 

Wishing us all the opportunity to be the person we essentially want to become! 

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