06 May, 2010


The last couple of days, I have been writing in my possibilities journal.  Today it just hit me that each morning when I wake, I will write my blessings and gratitude.  If appropriate put my intentions and prayers in there along with dreams. 

I am also trying to incorporate morning meditation/visualization.  I have been part of some very intense meditation groups, but when it comes to self practice, I seem to let the ball drop.  However, this week, I have found an inner strength that needs to be expressed.  I am going to commit to me and what my spirit needs are.

By keeping my gratitude journal every day and centering my being each morning, I hope to create a peace that will carry me through each and every day.  As much as we try to be the people we see in our mind's eye, daily hiccups happen.  When we think we have dealt with family issues, they pop up again in a new form.  No matter how much we strive, there will always be another lesson around the corner to learn from.

I am taking this week, to focus on my spirit and feed it.  I must commit to me and my growth in order to be at peace when those hiccups happen.

This link may inspire you to delve deeper into gratitude  to www.GiveMeTheMasterKey.com

This is what I am striving for, what are you working on this week???

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