02 May, 2010

Life Lessons and Letting go of Shoulds!

The decision finally came late Friday night.  It appears this new opportunity wants mystikman.  The details of the offer will come on Monday and assuming it is what we were told on Friday, there will be little to discuss.  It would appear we are moving north, to Cleveland, Ohio. 

I refrain from saying we are moving back home... as I want this to be a new move, a new start.  After all we are older, wiser, more experienced and changed.  This move is an opportunity for our nuclear family to develop healthy relationships and continue our development as spiritual beings who are trying out best to love Mother Earth.

We have learned many important lessons about ourselves, our commitments and our goals as a family.  I don't want to lose those lessons, as they have shaped us in lovely ways.   We want to carve out a happy home with pure intention.  We will foster those relationships that are healthy and walk away from those that are not.  It isn't meant to be mean, but meant to just release the incencerity we all have it seems in our lives from the "shoulds". 

I was raised with "shoulds" and took this idea with me on my journey.  In graduate school, I had the wonderful opportunity to learn from a master of being it seemed.  He asked us to name all of our "shoulds".  What a crazy idea and we all looked at each other.  But then as it developed, I started to realize just how many I was holding.  I still carry them around, you could call them my "pain body" to reference Tolle.  But in truth it is part of my journey to let go. 

So we move forward to let go and even if we revisit a similar location, it doesn't mean it hasn't changed or improved.  We have the ability to improve our lives each and every moment.  This truly is an opportunity to take our life lessons and apply them, so we may learn more. 

When all is said and done, I welcome this change and look forward to a newness that I take inside of me.  This Island Paradise now has a place in my being and it will remind me of the many loving lessons that helped mold me into a kinder, more loving person that is valued and worth so much to the Universe! 

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