18 May, 2010

Malted Waffles!

Last night we had dinner at one of the boys' favorite places, BIG PINK.  If you haven't been and live in the South Florida area, it is worth a stop. 

One of the best desserts I have had was last night.  I usually am not a waffle gal, but when you make it hot, top it with chocolate ice cream, drizzle with chocolate fudge sauce, top with real whipped cream, and then add sprinkles, well what you have is heaven on a cloud! 

The waffle's heat was so warming against the ice cream and then the whipped cream just started to slowly melt.  The boys and I were in heaven!  We kept saying after every bite... "Oh this is soooo goood! Wow is this Yummy"! 

Truly we enjoyed our meal last night and the ending was pure fantasy! 

Thank you BIG PINK! 

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