24 June, 2010

Checking In

It has been a while since I last posted.  Much has gone on and I have no idea where to start! 

Currently, we are living in a hotel.  That is fun and not so fun.  I don't have to clean, but I also don't have much choice on what we eat and being an organic family this is certainly not ideal.  The suite itself is very large and that is a blessing with 2 young boys running here and there! 

You can imagine we are house hunting as no one plans to live in a hotel long term.  We have found a couple of options, but one in particular we are putting an offer on, today in fact.  This home spoke to us in so many ways it started to become comical.  Please send out positive energy, as we just want a smooth transaction without hiccups or interference.

Our car has been in the shop to repair an electrical issue.  As I am excited to fix this problem, it has taken all of this week to do so and I am still without my car.  They promise today, but truly I am getting a little suspicious with their estimates. 

We are actually hanging out at my parents' while the car is being fixed and that has been okay.  The boys are running around outside at will which makes me happy.  We miss our daddy though.

Next week our series of summer camps start.  Car better be fixed!  The boys will learn proper baseball and enjoy a theater camp, while mommy does some consulting work.  Then we all join a smaller group for a nature camp.  Really looking forward to all of the activity and we are enjoying a lovely summer. 

Hope the next post is regarding our new home that we will be moving in and that our offer was accepted!

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