09 June, 2010

Going "HOME"?

We are here, Ohio that is.  Finally the drive is over, (21 hours) and the movers unloaded all of our belongings.  Huge feat and ordeal that is thankfully, behind us!

Weather is cooler than anticipated, so we are digging out our long sleeves and pants, but V is super excited because he loves wearing those kind of clothes.  After all, he was born in Fall in Northeast Ohio, so seasonally, he is in heaven when he wears fall type clothing.

Settling and organizing this week, so I am prepared for house hunting next week.  Many options to choose from, in terms of buying, renting, location, style, size etc.  What a great time to buy a house actually.

Without going into all the details of the move thus far, we are happy to be in one place, happy to reconnect with some family and friends and are excited to find a new home, one that includes the following very important items that were sorely missed while living in Florida:

Back Yard - for digging and finding worms
Front Porch
No shared walls!!!!
The hunt begins!

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