23 July, 2010

Another Birthday

This week, I also celebrated a birthday.  Not a "biggie" but another year passed none the less.  As mystikman works crazy hours and days off are never planned more than a week out, we always do things last minute.  When it looked like we may have a couple night off in a row, I was able to have the boys go with my parents for the night and thought that we could have an adult evening.  But when you are the planner in your family, nothing like that happens unless you plan it.  Now I know this, and I shouldn't be upset, but I was.  Mystikman didn't think to plan anything for me.  I make it very easy on him and only ask that I have a gourmet meal out, which is not hard for him to do since he is in the business.  He has access to making this happen for very little and it truly makes me happy to be catered to with fine wine and food.  A nice evening out with my hubbie is really all I wanted for my bday.  Now did this happen?  No.

Not only did it not happen, but we ended up spending the evening with his friends who I had suspicions about, which mystikman denied.  Well my suspicions were proven true and I found myself dreading our time out with his friends.  They make choices to live their lives differently than we do and when you philosophically chose things so opposite, it is hard for me to find commonalities or a desire to know more and forge a friendship.  So here I am, out with my hubbie's friends at a bar where the beer was very expensive, (read here, expensive..we are trying to save money for a downpayment on a house), and the music was loud and we didn't have a gourmet quiet meal together.  Fun, for who?  NOT ME!  Did I forget to mention it was MY birthday? 

After it was all said and done, I didn't even get a card.  Mystikman didn't take my children to sit down and draw me a card on some plain white paper. 

Why is it so hard for him to figure out that there are 2 days out of the year that he needs to put a little effort into?  Mother's day until the boys are old enough... our anniversary and my birthday....

Is this what I get for having some really special birthdays in my lifetime thus far?  Are we only allowed so many?  Well this ranks up there with the day I scrubbed our new apartment down, before we moved in... yucky. 

Wish for a better one next year!  He has all year to plan for it! 

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