26 July, 2010


Well for houses that is.  We are in the process of finding a new home.  Originally, we thought it might be best to rent, as in a 3 year option.  But after finding our way back to Ohio, it now seems a better option to buy. 

With so many houses on the market, you would think it would be easy to find a house, for a great price.  Not so.  Due to the variables, safety, commute, taxes, resale, market time, community amenities, lot size, square footage, condition of the home and so on, it has been difficult to find just the right one, we are willing to commit to. 

We have been looking for 7 weeks going on our 8th.  We have physically be in 50 plus homes.  In and out, up and down it seems.  I have seen how people live, or have lived and each home tells a story, some good, but what we are finding is mostly bad.  The downturn in the economy hit hard this area of Northeast Ohio.  Sad to see it so beaten up actually. 

The silver lining is all of this is that we are finally finding a common thread of what we want, where we want to be and what we think a fair price for a home is pending all the variables.  We have actually put 2 offers in already.  The 1st was rejected and the 2nd, was just countered.  Until we counter back, we are going to make certain we know our final price, so another day of house hunting. 

Again, all of this is a process and when you put numbers on paper, things start to become black and white.  Emotions play into this very little.  The first home we bought was emotional and this home will be a business move, something solid and well thought out. 

I think I am getting it... I am growing up, maturing and making better decisions - like a real adult!  WOW, I feel like a real adult and I am *cough* over 35!  Yikes!  Not telling how much over.
Happy days to all of you!

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