05 July, 2010

Turning 8

This past weekend, my oldest L, celebrated his 8th birthday.  8!  I remember the night before he was born.  I put on makeup, did my hair and we checked into the hospital at midnight.  I was being induced due to a small complication and we were praying for the best.  11:24 am the next day, he was out in as little as 4 pushes:  crying with arms and legs outstretched for anyone to hold.  I knew then, he was born for the world,  not necessarily for me.  He was going to be loud and out there, ready to do whatever.  He was a wirey, skinny little thing, adoringly referred to as a chicken, by mystikman.

8 years ago...

Today he is still wirey and skinny, loud and smiles all the time.  He is emotional, creative and ready for the world.  I was right thinking he was for the world.  He really doesn't require me, but likes the fact that I am there.

I am very honored that he chose me to be his momma.  I love him dearly and pray for him every night.  I want his life to be full of love, laughter and abundance.  I wish for him to know nothing of sadness.  He has moments of utter sweetness, grace and deep love that blow me away sometimes.  He lights up my heart and always has.  He is now my 8 year old son..... I am still awed by the miracle of life and how we come into the world and how we grow. Mystikman and I often look at each other in amazement.  How could an act of love, create such a miracle an entire life force?  (Okay I know all about the birds and the bees, but still, it is a marvel)!

I am a momma to an 8 year old son.  WOW and now I am tearing up....enough said.  Happy Birthday L, you are my baby and always will be, I love you to the moon and back. 

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