03 August, 2010

Almost There!

It would appear the gap we need to close on the latest house offer is less than 3000.00.  Not bad considering our housing search literally took us all over a 3 county area surrounding the Greater Cleveland Area. 
The house is modest, nothing flashy like the last home we purchased, but it has good bones and an open floor plan, which is what we are most concerned with.  After having lived in as little as 1250 square foot of space, including storage in that number, we welcome 2400 square foot, 2 car garage, basement, tub and a small yard!
There are some updates we need to do, mainly decor.  We may add a door, cut out a small portion of the stairwell wall, but other than that we are just putting up some modern paint colors, and uncovering the beautiful hardwoods underneath ghastly carpet! 
It will be nice to have a place to "hang our hat" and "call home". 
Tomorrow is the big day when we finalize numbers and get the ball rolling in terms of closing on the house.  By Oct 1st, we hope to be moved in and finishing with the last of our boxes. 
Here is to having a great day tomorrow, the day we finally had our offer accepted!

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