24 August, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

  Finally, we found a home, a simple modest home that offers much more beyond face value.  The house hunting process has been an adventure with some ups and downs.  We looked at so many possibilities, dreamed some grand renovations, thought of investment potentials and finally realized we only need a home that will meet our needs, not exceed or stretch our boundaries.  A home that will nurture our entire family is really all this is required. 

This is a house that provides for all of our needs.  There is plenty of room to play, climb, create and grow both inside and out.  Thanks to all of my Florida Ranch home owners for their ideas on open living.  I see this house differently than I would have a few years back.  I see its beauty and its charm. 

The season is starting to turn, cooler nights, shorter days... autumn's harvest and bounty are about to be gathered. Harvest is a time to reap what we sow, enjoy our bounty and prepare for the long winter ahead.  I see the patterns of the seasonal change in this housing process.  The hunting is over and we are now about to gather our spoils.  We will soon be creating our internal focus in our home to prepare for a long haul.  I find comfort in this pattern and like how it coincides with the harvest. 

Additionally, I feel the barrier has been lifted and my body is more at ease.  I see the boys also grower calmer.  We have a place to call home and soon, very soon, we will be able to create memories in strong supportive walls. 

Soon, very soon, we will be going home!

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