28 August, 2010


Late night, watching youtube videos of Elvis Presley.  I just finished the one here.
You know, it still hurts and I still cry.  I do remember where I was when I heard he died.  I was in my dad's green pick up truck, as we turned the corner of our street.  It was on the radio that he died and I just looked at my mom and asked how that was possible.  I loved Elvis as a little girl and I would watch him on TV.  But I didn't know that people on TV were real.  I thought they were all like cartoons, that nothing on TV was real. 
Hearing that he died, hit me hard because I knew what death was.  It has happened to my baby sister and now he was dead.  I loved Elvis for some reason, maybe because my dad resembled him, or maybe just because I liked his singing.  But to know he was dead too, well that was a bit too much for me at 5. 
After all these years, it still get to me.  Why after all these years does the heart still ache when logically, we know what death is?  Why does it hurt so much to know a loved one, whether from afar or close, is no longer here?
I am no stranger to death. I have been to so many funerals, more than I ever thought I could be to.  But why does it sting every time? 
Sort of a different post for me, but this would be under the label, meandering maybe. 
All in all, I am an Elvis fan and it still hurts no matter what. 

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