16 August, 2010

Try Again!

Okay, so the house we thought was going to be our home, turned out to be more of a hassle, which made us second guess the "lure" of the purchase.  In the end, it is a house we are not happy with as it is missing some of the features we are ultimately looking for.  Could we have made it a home, absolutely, but would we have wished we had this or that?  Yes. 
In the end, it was best to move on as we couldn't come to terms after all inspections were completed.  Now a house we put an offer in on before, came back to us asking if we were still interested.  The answer was yes, as the house is cute, charming and cozy.  We just need to find a better price point, which we may have found.  We will know something soon, I am certain.
Life moves in mysterious ways, I would say and we are all along for the ride.
Happy August and Elvis lives in the hearts of us all who cherish him.  (Today was the anniversary of his death, yes HUGE Elvis fan here)! 

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