22 September, 2010


It seems there are expectations and assumptions everywhere and when they are placed on you, it can be a little unnerving.  Case in point, both of the boys will start their enrichment program next week in 2 different locations.  These groups have a rhythm set up already from previous years wherein the families each bring something to share for lunch.  In theory I like this idea as it promotes sharing and that communal feel. 
However, when you are without a kitchen, pots pans, ingredients to boot, well this expectation seems like asking for the world!  Additionally, we are the new family and we are not familiar with the flow of the day.  I need to rush out and buy slippers because each student MUST wear them during the school day.  Everyone in Ohio has slippers right? 
Newsflash, we were living in South Florida for the past 3 fall/winters, so we don't have slippers and if we did, they would be packed away, buried in a storage unit off the side of the highway, 30 mins. away.
When I have asked for clarification, I have been met twice from two different people, annoyance it would seem.  The reality is, I am not in a routine, I am living out of a suitcase in a hotel.  I am trying my best to provide some sort of calm for my boys, but truly, can I have a break here?  Where is the understanding, compassion or heck where is the welcome committee?  Not once has there been an email/phone call that went something like this..,"We know this is all new for you and you are living out of a hotel, so take your time, don't worry about some of the details or expectations.  Give it a week or two and we can ease into it and at any point, just ask.  We are more than willing to help your family get settled in as this must be a huge transition for you."

NOT ONCE has this been offered or put out there.  I am made to feel as if I should reread the ONE registration form for all the missing insinuations there, that I should just KNOW!  Sensing my frustration yet?  Times like this I wonder how these individuals would fair if their world was turned upside down and they were asked to do some of these things on the turn of a dime! 

I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss my homeschool families in Florida.  They are the best; so helpful, kind, giving and understanding.  Maybe my expectations are also too high... so I just need to figure it out on my end.  Trying, I really am, trying. 

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