23 September, 2010

Little Guy

V turns 6 tomorrow!  Tonight on the eve of his birthday, I reflect.  V is such a lovely little guy, full of his own determination to make his own path.  He beats to his own drum, literally. 

He has the biggest deep blue eyes that pull you in, followed be the strangest laugh.  He is my baby, the one that I hold to calm and ground me.  I know baby is not really the correct term to define this young brutish boy, but he is mine and I will call him such. 

There is so much he is learning, loving and living.  I am amazed at what love can create and he was certainly welcomed into a loving family.  I wish for him only the best!  He is sweet, brash, calm, focused, loud, creative, intuitive, trusting, lovely and all boy. 

6 years ago.... what a cute bundle! 
Happy Birthday my little guy! 

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Ally said...

Happy Birthday V! Six years? How is it possible?