27 September, 2010

Time for a cleanse

Let me be the first to tell you that living in a hotel is BAD for the waistline!  When we moved to Key Biscayne, FL, we were in the hotel for 6 weeks.  It was just enough time to be relaxing, then start to drive you crazy.  After 2 weeks, all sense of your previous life starts to vanish and you are already bored with the menu. 
During this 6 week stint, I gained a nice 10 pounds no problem.  Currently we are living in a different hotel, and we have been here for 4 months going on 5.  I have filled out my body with an extra 20 pounds... and have had enough!

I have started the cleanse, not only because of the weight, but because my body doesn't feel good. I am tired, sluggish, and gunky feeling.  This is what a car must feel like before it gets its oil change.
I hope to say good bye to the 20 pounds and feel better, have more energy and fit into all of my fall clothes. 

Beware of hotel living... it will literally GROW on you!

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