04 December, 2010

December Already?

Last time I was here, it was the end of Sept. and now it is the beginning of Dec!  In the past 2 months, we have moved out of our "Hometel", the Renaissance and into our new house, the ranchola.  I refer to this is the ranchola, as it sounds kinda funny. 

We painted almost every surface of this house to add our design sense, refinished floors, started a kitchen remodel, still in progress, updated the main bath, still in need of some finishing touches, bought necessary furniture, bought a mega furnace, unpacked... well almost all of our belongings... celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and will prepare for Christmas next week. 

We have been living, loving and learning here as well trying to set up a rhythm for our daily life.  Some sewing started this week and knitting has been constant.  Piano fills the rooms with sound from both boys and food comes out of our in process kitchen that smells divine.  We have even got the pot belly stove working a couple of times to warm our toes.

There is a LONG list of things still waiting our capable hands, but all in time as we carve out our lives here.  It has taken a while to warm up to this house and this house is finally starting to respond.  I understand there is a soul in this house and finally we have connected.  It has taken a while, but I feel the warm fuzzies now.

Boys seem to be very happy and that of course is reward enough.  May this house provide for us a shelter that is solid, strong and filled with memories to last many lifetimes.

Finally we are home.   

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Anonymous said...

Finally, I was going to have to break down and like email you or call you directly. I was getting worried not seeing anything for so long.

Anyway, glad ya'll are settling in, and now have someplace to rest your rumps and call home. Happy Holidays! (no, I'm not saying it to be correct, but because I know you're celebrating multiple holidays this month!)