11 December, 2010

Holiday Preparations

This year we got started a little later than usual.  Typically, I like to get things rolling the weekend after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy the decor longer.

Christmas Cookie list made - complete baking next week.
Tree Up, lights on, most ornaments - finish today.
Holiday Village - finish today.
Nutcrackers, stockings check!
Shopping almost complete - finish later in the week.
Wrapping gifts - finish later in the week.
Homemade items - still working...hoping to finish by the end of the week.
Denmark box - mail out next week.
Holiday Cards - going green this year and will send an email this week.
Clean house - ongoing!
Holiday meats ordered - pick up the 17th.
Christmas Recital - tomorrow.
Santa visit - tomorrow.

Lots to do next week, YIKES!  But will finish those items when they are finished! 

Happy Holidays to all!

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