31 December, 2010

The Last Day of the Year!

Today, I am feeling a bit strange, out of body maybe or just foggy...suffering from sinus congestion.  .Trying to remember where this year started and how far we have come or at least the distance traveled and all those accomplishments along the way. 

Last year we were on the beach with really great family friends.  We embraced the Blue Moon Goddess and danced on the sand in her healing light.   It was magical!

Today I am processing a meeting held yesterday that left me feeling a little lost and unwanted.  Due to the move, we had to find another homeschooling group to join and adjusting to their personalities has been a challenge for me.  Even the boys have had some challenges and terribly miss their FL pals. 

It seem the people here are very much settled into their thinking and have no space for new ideas or new energies.  You can imagine how let down I feel, as I left this super dynamic support group of growth, support, energy, learning and light for are very closed, shy, let's not reach to high group.  They all want more, and I actually have some ideas to help them, but they really weren't interested and didn't comment on any of what I offered.  I am left missing and rethinking this entire move.  What have we gained?  Appreciation and Gratitude for the lovely people in Florida for sure.  But right now it feels like we lost more than we gained. 

So for 2011, I am a little happy the year is over, as it was a tough one full of many disappointments and struggles.  Changes and challenges abound and we are now left to look at a new year with new hopes and dreams. 

Will we stay in this group, I don't know.  I really need to ground myself into what our family is about and make every effort to do what I can to let go of resentment and feelings that bring me down.  I want to embrace and maybe that will come back to me. 

Tomorrow we will do our annual vision board as a family.  We will dream and aspire to abundance and allow the power of attraction to do its thing.  There is a reason why we are here and I will do my best to let it happen and learn from this too.

Welcome 2011, I am ready for you! 

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