23 February, 2011

Mother in Law Rant

I don't like errands from my mother in law.  She wants me to take, develop and mail a 4x6 photo of the boys.  When I said I can email her some pictures, she gave me a million reasons why that wouldn't work.  Sure put the burden on me!  So I gave her my honest answer and told her I didn't like having to do those things, as it is not as easy as one would think... drive here, there, boys in and out of the car, my travel time etc.

I don't live in a little city, I live in a sprawled out place and who develops pictures anymore?   A task like this will end up taking me the better part of an afternoon.  Really, this is what I need just because she is unwilling to develop a picture from her email?  Why am I tasked for her? 

This drives me nuts and as I just smiled and didn't say anything else, I know in my heart I will not do this.  I will send her some photos online and suggest she have them printed off of snapfish or any other online printing source. 

Reality is that I am very busy!  I constantly struggle with time for schooling, keeping house.. laundry, making meals, and oh yeah, I also do consulting for a small family restaurant, working on a Reiki Training for May, considering co-creating a homeschool co-op, trying to network and find resources like raw milk, CSAs, food co-ops, trying to daily improve our health and well being... making gifts for people via knitting, managing finances, planning our trips and such... I mean I am busy!  There are more things going on and I don't need other people's errands.  Please don't task me for your sake.  I have so many projects on my plate and I have 3 people in this family besides me that take precedent. 

BTW... when I was able to send photos to them now and then long time ago, less on my plate actually, they didn't appreciate them.  I received a huge stack of photos I had given them back.  So where is the justice here? 

Ugh ugh.  That is all I have to say for today. 

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