07 May, 2012

Despite Challenges.....

Overwhelmed and wondering what I am doing with my life..... yes this is where I am at these days.  There has been so much to walk through lately.  Mystikman has taken a new position one in which he will be traveling.  If it was one of those jobs, that had him home on weekends, that we could live with okay.  But it isn't.  We will see him monthly it appears and that is a bit harder to swallow. 

The position is a great career move and hopefully one that will groom him for a fantastic job in 18 months.  This is why I agreed to support him and push him forward.  But this will most certainly give me a good solid taste of what single parents go through.  Not only as a single parent that carries the burden of parenting, but I will be the sole person managing the household duties and I still homeschool!  A lot to put on my plate actually, but I am not saying I want to send the boys to school.  I truly do enjoy their company and love watching them grow into the men they are turning into. 

With so much uncertainty as to what is next... I also feel as if I am floundering to find my own path.  What is it that I am being called to do?  I have so many interests, talents, skills and so on.  But which one is calling my name?  Where should I focus my attentions?  Do I have the right to ask these questions in light of this new challenge we are facing? 

Most certainly yes, I do.  We all must ask ourselves what pushes us forward, what stirs our passions and what gets us excited.  Too often we are not asking the question and stifle the thought.  But I dare to ask the question in light of this new challenge.  I dare to wonder what it is I am going to do with my life that I have left to live.  What will be my mark?

What is it that stirs your passion and drives you despite the challenges you face? 

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