11 May, 2012

Momma Moments.....

This week has been a whirlwind of activity!  It is as if this was the week for final preparations, presentations, performances and rites of passage... all marking time, achievement and maturity.

Here is our list for Friday, marking the wonderful accomplishments along the way.

Little guy, V, celebrated his First Communion.  He was so happy to wear his suit, have his party and be welcomed into the sacrament of communion.  I was very proud to watch how grown up he was.  He truly grew right before our eyes, as he remained composed and focused on his day.

Both boys have been preparing for a Piano Evaluation, by memorizing 4 songs and matching scales of new complexity.  They are starting to create a nice portfolio of songs.  This week they performed for their evaluation and felt confident they gave a solid performance.  Results will be available Monday.  I am just happy to see their hard work and enjoyment for piano continue.  Music is such a gift and when you have the ability to hear the notes and understand the dynamics of a song... well then share that gift!

This week also marked the end of a unit study on Egypt.  With the help of another homeschooler, they read, studies, watched, researched many aspects of Egyptian Life.  Mostly focused on Ancient Egypt, they learned about a strong culture and influence of our current world.  They each took their interests and shared their findings with others in this final presentation and did really well.  Very nice to be a witness of their growth and learning along the way.

Tomorrow will mark the last swim lesson for this session.  Each one did exceptionally well, either passing to the next level or proving the necessary skills to maintain a high level of proficiency.  As a swim teacher, I am very happy to know they are both learning valuable skills and can learn from other teachers who have loved having them in their classes.  I also was able to pass a couple of students along in my beginning classes.  It is so nice to observe the growth and pride that comes with a new learned skill.  This particular skill is critical and life saving, so again, happy to be part of this process.

Lastly, our daddy started his new job, ended the old patterns that kept us wondering what if and when and started a new pattern of excitement and anticipation.  Mystikman is very happy in his new role and his excitement has actually made it easier for us to be apart when he is traveling, which is most of the time.  Luckily we can see him everyday via skype or facetime, so we are never really losing touch.  Technology has been a true life saver.  I did explain how lucky we were to have such advances.  When I retold the immigrant experience and how the daddy went ahead to find work, a home and then send back for his family... the boys realized this was certainly a better situation.  Additionally, they understand so many families are split up due to the armed services and other work situations.  When you think about where our daddy is... not so bad.  He is at luxury hotels, in a safe environment.  The alternatives could be much worse, so again counting our blessings!

Overall, a good week.  We have all grown much and in the process arrived at a different time and space.  How was your week in review?

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