28 August, 2009

Month Away Continued....

1. Worked at the farmer's market, the restaurant and started to clean vacant apartment.
2. Made enough money to pay for half of the car bill and some spending cash for the rest of the trip.
3. Boys went Putt Putt with their Zio, (uncle), and their Papa.
4. Boys went fishing twice with Papa.
5. Took boys for a free movie, part of the summer movie series.
6. Did some craft shopping along with some homeschool supply shopping.
7. Picked some veggies in the garden.
8. Drove around near Amish Country and enjoyed really great ice cream from Hartzler Dairy - all organic and really creamy!
9. Did some knitting meditation... I like to sit and knit. I have no project in mind, just knit as I love how the bamboo needles slide in and out of my fingers. It calms me and helps me practice gauge etc.
10. Dealt with motor vehicle too many times, but ultimately got my tags and echeck taken care of.
11. Did more work for restaurant...wine tasting etc.
12. Packed up for the family cabin in Pennsylvania.
13. Long time friend and her son met up with us for the week long trip.
14. Hiked on some trails in Cooks Forest.
15. Canoed on the Clarion River without tipping over, way to go Ally!
16. Hiked around the firetower as I watched my barely 5 year old walk almost up to the top without any adult... hold breath here!
17. Visited with cousins up at their cabin and watched the progress of their tree house project.
18. BBQued yummy chicken, made smores, and ate really yummy food the entire week!
19. Painted with the boys nature scenes and used leaves to do so. Ally came prepared!
20. Knitted 2 washclothes, thanks to Ally for helping me understand a basic pattern.
21. Talked, drank wine, talked, drank more wine, enjoyed beer and peach pie, not together though...
22. Spotted for deer, almost every night and in one night alone we saw 103! That was a great night!
23. Took the boys panning for "gems".
24. Made the usual stops at the local shops to have a peak at the new wears...
25. Explored the local flea market.
26. Tie Dyed a lot of clothing and made some nice pieces actually!
27. Did some reading, you know the spiritual stuff that I am into these days.
28. Returned to Ohio for the Feast in Little Italy.
29. Visited with my grandmother for a while.
30. Had a Miami friend meet up with us for a night and a day. That was cool!
31. Drove to GA with the boys and mom.
32. Took a day to drive around and have breakfast at a Yummy place in Atlanta.
33. Let the boys spend some of their hard earned money at one of my favorite stores.
34. Made good food at my Aunt's.
35. Visited with family and relaxed.
36. Met up with mystikman in Altanta and stayed with family friends for a couple of days.
37. Did more window shopping around Mystikman's and my old haunts.
38. Discovered a new chocolate shop in Atlanta!
39. Drove to Amelia Island, FL to stay a couple days at the Ritz.
40. Enjoyed the ammenities of the hotel with some perks thrown in. As mystikman is paid modestly at the Ritz, it is nice to be able to enjoy this perk as he is allowed to stay at the Ritz on the cheap and usually some other things are thrown in for free as well. I look at it as a nice bonus that he earned!
41. Arrived at home a day ago.

Still have some things to unpack, but for the most part, we are almost there.

Now I need to start preparing for the school year as our first enrichment class starts next week. I also want to post some photos of our 31 day vacation!

Life is pretty good with us and we certainly hope it is good for you!